Welcome to Church of the Garden

Uplifting, restorative spiritual community celebrating our connection to each other, the Creation and the Divine.

“For some time I yearned for a Sunday morning service that is uplifting yet restorative and contemplative.  I wanted a service where we explore and celebrate the wisdom teachings from the world’s ancient traditions as well as New Thought.  I wanted a service that draws meaning from the natural world and grounds us in a sense of place here in the Blue Ridge.  And I wanted all of this to flourish with in a community of people who live their spiritual values in practical and loving action.”

–Rev. Michelle K. Smith,  Coordinating Minister


Church of the Garden Sunday Services include:

  • Praise in the form of song, poetry, and movement for the Presence of Life in All of Creation.
  • Meditations that guide us to directly experience our inner Connection to the Presence of Life.
  • Wisdom Teachings from the world’s Ancient Wisdom and New Thought traditions.
  • Affirmative Prayer that opens mind and heart to the experience  of Love and Grace.

We offer our Inter-faith, non-denominational Inspirational Sunday services at Rainbow Community School.

We gather outdoors by the gardens when the weather permits; indoors if it’s cold or rainy.

Our Order of Service is here.