Church of the Garden begins with Sunday Solstice Service at OM Sanctuary

Late last summer I tentatively spoke aloud to a friend about the yearning I’ve had for a Sunday Service that I hadn’t quite found yet in Asheville.  Sunday Summer Solstice 2013

I wanted a service that was uplifting but restorative — rather quiet though not heavy or humorless.

I wanted a service that explored the symmetries between Ancient Wisdom and New Thought because uncovering such symmetries truly delights my spirit and my mind.

I wanted a service on Sundays that unapologetically draws meaning from the natural world, honors the land, water, air and all species as sacred, and grounds us in a sense of place here in the Blue Ridge.

And I wanted as service to flourish in a community of people who live their spiritual values in practical and loving actions as service.

That friend and another woman met with me through last fall as the days grew cooler and shorter to help me develop this idea.   We named it the Church of the Garden.

I’m really pretty amazed today to announce that the Church of the Garden will be brought to life this Solstice Sunday in the garden at OM Sanctuary as part of the Sacred Circles series.

Our focus will be the dissolution of the community sand mandala that will be created on Thursday, June 20 at Part I of OM Sanctuary’s Solstice Celebration followed by a Walking Meditation.

Sunday Service begins at 11 am.  You are invited to come as early as 10 am  and walk the Tranquility Trail in silence.  We’ll be called service with drums, flute, chant or some other sacred sound.

I’m pretty much beside myself with gratitude and delight at the prospect of this experience.  Do join us!




About Rev. Michelle K. Smith

Rev. Michelle Smith followed her own heart's calling for a Sunday morning service that is uplifting yet restorative and contemplative; where she could explore and celebrate the wisdom teachings from the world's ancient traditions as well as New Thought; a service that draws meaning from the natural world and grounds us in a sense of place here in the Southern Appalachians. She is grateful knowing that other hearts are calling for this service as well.


  1. gary phillips says:

    A thousand blessings on Reverend Michelle. We will hold space for you here in Chatham County and come visit when we can. I’m excited for you.

  2. I hear the voice of the Divine in your encouragement and blessings, Gary. Would love to have you join us (perhaps as guest drumming poet?)

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