Sunday Services at Asheville Church of the Garden

Sunday services at Church of the Garden are discontinued for the winter. 
We’re letting the seeds we’ve planted rest underground to and plan to resume in the early spring as the crocus and chicory begin to appear.  
Please feel welcome to contact me if you wish to help create our Sunday services, study groups or workshops in the future.



Sunday Mornings –  10:45am

On the campus of Rainbow Community School at 574 Haywood Road in West Asheville.. in West Asheville

10:45 AM:

Community is called to Sunday service with drums, flutes, chant, chime or similar  sacred sound.

11:00 AM

Service begins with Centering meditation and Calling the Directions

Wisdom Reading

Singing together and Greeting one another

Welcome.  Announcements. Gathering and blessing the offering.

Adding names for celebration or concern to the Prayer Journal

Celebrating Creation – grounding us in the meaning and sacredness of place here in the Southern Appalachians

Singing together

Wisdom Message

Connecting meditation

Gift of song, poetry, movement

Gathering the Offering and Announcements

Blessing Song

Closing OM