Watch a few moments from our first Church of the Garden service on Solstice Sunday

A group of about 20 joined us for our first service.  Here are a few moments from this lovely gathering.

Thank you Angela Niles and Bobby Miller for bringing your gifts of music.  Thank you Barbara Brady for leading us in meditation.  You’ll get a glimpse of the community mandala that was begun by Martha Krieger on the Thursday before this service.  Martha led us in the dissolving of the mandala before our walking meditation.   We sang a bit, prayed a bit and connected to the Eternal Divine together.


Join us every Sunday this summer until September 22, 2013 at OM Sanctuary for Church of the Garden.  If you’d like to participate in creating a Sunday Service or have any other inquiries contact us at

Until then, listening for your own heart’s yearning.


Solstice Sunday Snapshot

Rev. Michelle K. Smith is the Coordinating Minister for Asheville Church of the Garden.  Through her practice, Asheville Celebrant, she offers personal ceremonies for life’s Big Moments at

About Rev. Michelle K. Smith

Rev. Michelle Smith followed her own heart's calling for a Sunday morning service that is uplifting yet restorative and contemplative; where she could explore and celebrate the wisdom teachings from the world's ancient traditions as well as New Thought; a service that draws meaning from the natural world and grounds us in a sense of place here in the Southern Appalachians. She is grateful knowing that other hearts are calling for this service as well.

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