Intention: the fundamental act of co-creation

This Sunday, October 6, 2013 Church of the Garden moves to it’s new home at Rainbow Community School in West Asheville

I have that sense of excitement that feels just a little bit scary as we step into this new chapter for Church of the Garden. RCS_garden

Our new location at Rainbow Community School** sets our Sunday services in the midst of a thriving community of families and neighbors that creates the potential for everyone involved to experience deep and lasting connection to each other, the Earth community and Infinite Divine.

As intention is the seed of every co-creative journey so the destiny of this spiritual community will be shaped our intention.   Our actions, the Sunday services we create, the other opportunities for spiritual growth and connection that we acornsinitiate — all of this will be organized by the same force that generates all of the activities of the Universe.

This Sunday we’ll explore the power of Intention as we consider our intentions for this spiritual community.  Do join us.  You are most welcome here.

From my heart,

Rev. Michelle K. Smith

**Rainbow Community School is at 574 Haywood Rd. in West Asheville.  Services begin at 10:45 am.  If you find that you’re a bit late please park on the street and walk in as we might be in meditation.  Thank you.

About Rev. Michelle K. Smith

Rev. Michelle Smith followed her own heart's calling for a Sunday morning service that is uplifting yet restorative and contemplative; where she could explore and celebrate the wisdom teachings from the world's ancient traditions as well as New Thought; a service that draws meaning from the natural world and grounds us in a sense of place here in the Southern Appalachians. She is grateful knowing that other hearts are calling for this service as well.

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