Asheville Church of the Garden is for Everyone

When Michelle started the Church of the Garden in June, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but knew that I resonated with her heartfelt description on the website about what prompted her to start this church and what her vision was, including wanting a service that was “uplifting but restorative”; a service that “explored the symmetries between Ancient Wisdom and New Thought” and also “honors the land, water, air and all species as sacred, and grounds us in a sense of place here in the Blue Ridge.”shanda_lydiyah_drumming

As an Interfaith Minister and Celebrant Leader (along with Michelle), I knew I wanted to be part of this vision and was honored that Michelle asked myself and others to contribute as much as we felt called to.

When I’ve attended the church this summer, I’ve felt a sacredness and the presence of spirit in this community gathering, which is non-denominational and all-inclusive. The beautiful and peaceful garden setting at OM Sanctuary where we gather is unique in that we’re outside, where it feels like nature and creation is quietly holding us.

The gift of music performed by Lydiyah Sea, Bobby Miller and others is grounding, connecting and inspiring. The blend of traditions and wisdom includes the Call of Directions, meditation, Scripture verses and  teachings from Rumi, Hafiz, and Jesus along with Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and other modern day spiritual teachers.

The universal themes we cover each week, such as Play, Passion, Will, Flow, Warrior, Joy and Courage are pertinent to all of us, and the teachings of each can help us align more fully with Spirit in a practical way in our daily lives.  I appreciate the passion and wisdom Michelle and Jeanie hold for nature, illuminating specific aspects relevant to each week’s theme, including fireflies, otters, and the French Broad River.

If you haven’t yet attended the Asheville Church of the Garden, come check us out. I think you will leave feeling renewed and inspired.


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